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Graphic Design, Web Development, Systems & Technology Adviser

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Enabling you & your team, to make things prettier & easier

Welcome, I'm Ben Wills and I've been working in graphic design, website development & technology since 2001. Technology can help us communicate, organise, simplify, and make efficient many things we do. My desire is to give you the means to use technology to make many things possible, and the creativity to make them stand out!

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Ben did a great job looking after the finances at Farnham Christian Community Trust when I was a trustee. He managed all areas of the finances and updated the systems to streamline processes, speedup recording and improve reporting.

Helen Edson
Charity CFO
FCCT Trustee

I can support...

your websites & technology

I've been designing and building websites since 2002. I have experience with integrating tools like Stripe, Mailchimp or Google Workspace into websites can help move your communications and operations to the next level, whether it's a flexible tool like ConcreteCMS, Wordpress or even a static design you've not maintained for years. I can also host, maintain and manage your website once it's built, taking the worry out of your hands.

Modern day ecommerce isn't just about selling and shipping products. Can you leverage subscriptions (Software As A Service)? What tools are you using and how do they work together to integrate with your website or accounting packages? I can help you review and enable change to bring long term time and cost savings.

Application Programming Interfaces or APIs, are ways that you can link together apps, platforms and tools. Many sevices have forms of developer friendly APIs to give you access to display and use your data the way you want to. From membership systems such as MemberMouse on Wordpress, to real estate sevices such as Zoopla, I can help you find a new way to step up your game.

I have worked with Ben in both the church context and as part of a charity turn around. He has invaluable expertise and knowledge but with a heart to serve. He really wants to understand how the church or organisation works and provide the best solution and then help implement that solution with people with different levels of ability. He is my go-to resource for advice and help.

Sean Gubb
Lead Pastor
Jubilee Church

I can support...

your identity & design


Exciting new logo or illustration?

A logo, banners, or illustration? Nobby Travels is a series of children's books I worked on while at in2orbit design. I laid out and set the content while commissioning and adapting vector illustrations to take Nobby the dog on his travels.


Start-up artwork

I can help you design your own booklets, flyers, posters, or banners... I've recently done a series of ebooks on UK financial advice for one client.


Branded merch and signage

Need some new t-shirts / lanyards to help vistors recognise your staff? Today nearly anything you can think of can be branded!

I'm so glad Ben introduced us to ChurchSuite. It has transformed how we run our church administration and communication. Ben's knowledge proved invaluable; he explained things clearly, focusing on the areas most useful for us. And since his initial training, he's been a great resource for answering queries and guiding us in the right direction. He's also facilitated some strategic discussions, helping us to focus on the core issues. Ben is a great contact to have!

Paula McNeight
Bethel Baptist Church
What's possible?

What you want to make possible is where I start. Whether it's a compelling and effective new website, promoting your products or services on social media, implementing customer relationship management software, setting up cloud accounting systems, or reviewing GDPR compliance, I can enable...

Your People

My desire is not just to advise or consult, but to enable you and your people to feel confident to use technology to make things possible. I am as interested in the people and how they feel about using technology as I am in the tech itself.

Your Technology

There is an array of companies that will sell you technology, and some that will advise you what technology to use, but there are few who want to work with you, and your people, to enable its effective use.

Your Operations

I have a passion for efficiency. Technology not only has to work for us, but sometimes we have to adjust our processes or policies to leverage its potential. I can help bring some clarity to your operations.

How do you do it?

First I identify what you want to make possible and then advise on some technological means to make it happen. In a typical organisation there are some who are tech savvy and others who are not, so I want to keep things simple and set systems that are easy to navigate for everyone (with a little training).

Finally, I only feel my work is done when the tech is in place AND your people are confident using it well.

I have known Ben since 2008 and due to my company requiring open market exposure I asked him if he would be interested in developing my website and hosting my e-mail address. I found Ben to be most attentive to my ideas during the build-up of information phase and found the resulting website to exactly what I was hoping it would be, clean, crisp and to the point. Having Ben onboard for the last few years, has been very helpful as he is happy to come to my office to carry out any modifications and to assist with computer upgrades and problem solving. Ben has become both friend and problem solver, I would highly recommend him and his services

Neil Edson
Edson Windows Limited

It doesn't stop there, I can also suport you to...

ensure policy compliance, shoot & edit a promotional video, brand an electric aeroplane!

I have worked with Ben since I started my business at the beginning of 2021. I had dreamed for years of starting my own business and had a thousand ideas about how I wanted it to look and the public image I wanted the business to portray. It was all intensely personal. I had talked to a number of people before Ben, but they all wanted to shoe-horn me into their one-size-fits-all package. Ben however, took the time (which involved a number of consultations, including a walk through the countryside at night) to get to know me and what I wanted to achieve.
Ben listened to all my ideas and then helped to design our logo, brand our business and business cards, and put together a really useful and user friendly web-site. He was a constant source of wisdom, ideas and experience of what works and doesn't work. He has been remarkably flexible, amending things I don't feel work, and being happy to work with other consultants and specialists. I have found that I ignore Ben's suggestions at my peril, as he has a very pragmatic and sensible approach to what works and doesn't work in the dark arts that make up the world of digital media.
He also ensured that I included things that I had not initially considered, such as Calendly invitations on my Website. While this may seem like a small thing, some of the companies I spoke with before did not mention this, or offered its inclusion at a massive additional price.
When I wanted to add regular articles to my website, Ben included a blog, and also found a way to include video content.
Ben is very reliable, and on the odd occasion that there is an IT related hiccup, Ben has it sorted out in no time.
I have asked Ben to help put together various guides to be passed to clients, and Ben has invariably come back with a professional product that is mistake free and very pleasing on the eye. He has created a brand for us, and everything he generates for our business reflects that brand. His creativity and eye for detail is simply something you would not get with one of the larger companies offering similar services.
Ben's integrity in relation to the work he does and in his relationship with clients is beyond question.
I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Ben's services.

Abraham Uys
Chartered Financial Planner & Director
Atticus Financial Planning Ltd

Convinced yet?
Let's do something great together.

Where do I work?

I'm based in Hampshire on the border with Surrey, in the UK, however I am very happy to travel.

Drop me an E-mail...


Email is the best way to contact me at the outset, however you can call if you need to on 07980 019 849. I'm also on WhatsApp